How do I become a Freelance Writer for the Exclusive Press?

If you want to join our writing team, complete the contact form (located in the Contact Us Menu Bar) or email The Exclusive Press at

Writers are required to submit three published writing samples for consideration. Our team will notify you within a week if you're approved to join our writing team.

Where can I make donations or contributions?

Viewers can send donations by clicking the Contact Us button on the menu bar to send contributions.

Does the Exclusive Press cover stories in North Carolina only?

Our team doesn't limit Exclusive Stories in North Carolina. We cover any news worthy stories, worldwide.

How do I request news coverage and/or a story interview with the Exclusive Press?

Submit your request for a story coverage and/or anything that's news worthy by completing the Contact Form, found in Contact Us. You can also submit your request for story coverage via email at (Make sure you add Story Coverage in the Subject Line).

How do I advertise my event on the Exclusive Press web page?

If you're interested in advertising your event(s), send our team an email at - detailing additional information about your event. Make sure you include event in the email subject line. Depending on the event, a fee may apply.