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The Art Language – Fayetteville Newest Art Gallery

The Black Canvas is a must-visit art studio and paint & sip in the Ville. Black Canvas is an art explosion of creativity. Visitors are introduced to spectacular colorful designs, hip-hop portraits, UV radiation, fluorescent paint, and art graffiti throughout the walls when entering the studio.

Black Canvas is a community art empire hosting numerous art-related events. DJ Wolf, a regular at the art studio, hosts the DJ academy, teaching guests the art of music. Made in the Ville, a monthly open mic event includes music, poetry, rapping, and acoustic guitar. Artists can even sell their artwork. Action Paint Event is a monthly event where guests can paint their textiles, clothes, hats, etc. while listening to music and drinking cocktails. “We want people to come in and be creative as they can,” stated Ferguson. Black Canvas teams up with Licensed Therapists and Nurses, teaching art therapy sessions and using art to express mental healing. “We even have a tattoo artist who teaches younger kids how to birth their creativity,” stated Ferguson to The Exclusive Press. They also host regular Paint & Sips, private events, and 90’s Paint Party at Uptown Chicken and Waffles.

Black Canvas co-founder Thomas Ferguson (26) opened the art gallery on July 28, 2022. The place opened to the public on August 1. As a child, Ferguson always had a passion for art. His talent motivated him to push his artwork into auctions. When Ferguson was in junior high and high school, he shifted away from art to focus on learning business operations. Ferguson enrolled in UNC Greensboro, majoring in Business. Ferguson returned to Fayetteville after completing his college studies to work in the family business. Ferguson’s love of art wheeled back into his life. Art tugged on his heart, and he decided to intertwine his artistic creativity into a career. Ferguson linked with his business partner, Susan Stinchfield, to help manage the Business. According to an article titled, “Fayetteville Art Space Channels Creativity, Makes Connections” in the Fayetteville Observer, Stinchfield developed a close friendship with Ferguson – the studio’s creativity energy made her feel at home and fit right in with the Business.

He understands there’s a lot of hidden talent in Fayetteville because he was one of them. Ferguson shared that he’s now visually out in the open, like an art painting up for auction, after hiding his talent. Now that the art studio is in full effect, he wants to go full throttle with his art, music, and other forms of artistic expression.

Black Canvas prides itself on building a music and art expression community. Black Canvas continues to develop its network of local artists in the community, inviting them to come into space to teach art and for guests to dive into the art world through art socials and self-expression.

Black Canvas is more than an art gallery. It’s an art explosion. Black Canvas defines the meaning of art as being more than the visual eye.

For more information on upcoming events, private booking, and to learn more about the 910 Black Canvas, visit www.beacons.ai/blackcanvas.paint. Readers can also follow Black Canvas on Instagram and TikTok at BlackCanvas.Paint, Facebook at 910 Black Canvas.