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Well-Known New York Street Artist Paints Mural of Hip-Hop Artist J. Cole in his Hometown

You’re in for a treat with Andaluz’s artwork! With vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and dynamic compositions, every piece is a true masterpiece. 

“There’s a lot of greatness that came with these spray cans,” he shared in a video through his March 31st video on his Instagram page.

Viewers won’t be able to take their eyes off these captivating works of art. With his small spray cans alone, he has created many iconic murals nationwide, including the Pokémon mural at the Lindenhurst Memorial Library in Huntington, NY; the Comic Relief mural of Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock, and Adam Sandler in Brooklyn, NY; the Ludacris mural in Atlanta; the Rocky vs. Creed mural at Pietro Pizza in East Meadow, NY; the Kobe and Gigi Bryant mural in front of the Barclay Center; and the PBS Bob Ross mural in Miami, FL.

L-R: Kobe and Gigi Bryant Mural in Boston, MA; Comic Relief Mural in Brooklyn, NY; Pokeman Mural at Lindenhurst Memorial Library in Huntington, NY; Courtesy of @AndaluztheArtist/Instagram

According to his website,, his artwork attracts over 200,000 people monthly on social media. Various global news and media outlets, including PIX II News, Bleacher Report, NBC Today, NBA ESPN, Newsday, Time Out, ABC News, Fox News, MSN, and Yahoo Sports, have featured his work. He has collaborated with Shaquille O’Neal, Netflix, and Grey Goose.

The artist Andaluz added Fayetteville to his pitstop tour to paint a beautiful mural of J. Cole, one of the most prominent names in hip-hop and a Fayetteville native. You can find the mural at Back Around Records, located at 1 Market Square in Fayetteville, NC.

Viewers were highly amazed by the colorful, design-art compositions of J. Cole. It was like a DREAM come true for the VILLE. Spectators posed in front of the mural and took pictures of Andaluz’s newly finished artwork. Each outline letter of Fayetteville represents the city’s distinct characteristics and history, such as Babe Ruth’s first home run and the 82nd Airborne symbols. Dreamville’s own J. Cole stood beside the “Welcome to Fayetteville” sign, looking on at the city. 

J. Cole mural in downtown Fayetteville, NC; Photo Credit: Tracey Morrison/The Exclusive Press

The Exclusive Press (EP) caught up with the Queens, New York native, whose real name is Efren Andaluz III, about his inspiration for painting the rap legend.

“I wanted to do a J. Cole mural in Fayetteville. I paint a lot of rappers and hip-hop artists, and it was important to me to do something for our culture and icons that’s still alive, so I’m here to bless the city with a mural of their hometown hero,” he said in the EP.

The hip-hop culture of New York City has influenced the Richmond Hills, Queens native. As a result, he immersed himself in the culture through his street art, Christian hip-hop music, and a fashion line called FAM (Fashion, Art, and Music). There, he started sketching his favorite Saturday morning cartoon characters and superheroes at a very young age, which developed throughout the years. He has a family lineage of creativity, including his grandfather, who taught him different drawing techniques and cultivated his talent. Now, the spray can is being passed to him to make a global impact with his creative outlet.

L-R: Efren Andaluz III and the EP Writer & Founder, Tracey Morrison

As he made his final touches to the mural, Andaluz packed up his art supplies to return to the hip-hop mecca for his next venture. When asked what’s next, Andaluz shared that he has a lot of projects lined up. His next priority is to establish himself at home and get prepared to move forward with his upcoming project. He shared that there are a lot of big projects that he can’t talk about but said that big things are coming for the year.

Follow Andaluz the Arist on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube as well as X (formerly known as Twitter), and Snapchat at Andaluz Art to view more of his art and follow his journey.

Readers can also visit his website at to purchase his artwork, clothing, music, watch videos, and much more.

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