Personal Malcolm X Reflection

I traveled to Detroit, Michigan, I unexpectedly came across a sign “Inkster – Home of Malcolm X” as my good friend was driving through the many towns in the Detroit MSA. I excitedly told my friend that I want to visit his childhood home before we leave for NC.

Fast forward to a few days later, me along with my traveling buddies visited his childhood home – we eagerly walked through the snow (our footprints engraved the snow as we snap photographic memories on this special momential black history month. My father introduced me to Malcolm X in 1992. He followed his teachings for many years.

I can recalled him eagerly sharing stories on Malcolm X, to the point that he decided to take the family to the local movie theater to see the movie. The movie was yet, long, but I was intrigued by his remarkable upbringing and his strong leadership skills which intimidated some. This led me to doing a high school research project on him. Since thin I was inquiring on who killed him. I always wanted for him to get the
justice that his wife, and daughter didn’t live to see.

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