The Woman Known as “Brick Lady” is Accused of Making False Claims in an Attempt to Raise Funds on GoFundMe

Roda Osman posted a message on her TikTok page pleading for support in holding the Houston Police Department accountable. This comes prior to receiving a felony theft by fraud charges for allegedly making false claims on her GoFundMe page and obtaining $42,302, according to Fox 26 Houston.

Prior to the filed charges, she claims in a TikTok video that the Houston Police aren’t taking her claim seriously, wanting her followers to hold them accountable. She also states there’s a confession video out there by the alleged person who she claims hit her in the face with a brick.

Osman pleading for support before her charge; RhoReports.8/TikTok

Osman went viral after going on Instagram Live, claiming to have been hit in the face with a brick for declining to give a man her number outside of a Houston lounge. She also informed the police that the Uber driver was trying to kidnap her.

Osman going viral on the day of the September 3rd incident; RhoReports/TikTok

Authorities’ reports present a different picture from what Osman claims according to Fox 26 Houston.

Roda Osman GoFundMe account (Now Deleted), Photo Credit: GoFundMe

Authorities have collected footage of Osman engaging in a physical and verbal dispute with a man. A surveillance camera nearby shows she got into a verbal dispute outside a club before striking the man in the face. The man struck her in the face with what looked like bottled water. The man left with another man afterward.

Osman raised over $40,000 on the GoFundMe page after the September 3rd incident.

KPRC 2 Click2Houston/YouTube

A troubling tendency was also discovered during the research, as TikTok and Mental Health Advocate Daphne Sutton cited a similar event involving Osman with the same narrative of being attacked by a “black man” in Minneapolis in 2020. Through a GoFundMe account, she raised money after making accusations that a black man had attacked her during this encounter.

According to ClickMeHouston, court records shows that Osman has several prior charges in the Virgin Islands; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Hennepin County, Minnesota; Williamson County, Texas.; Travis County, Texas.

She’s been permanently banned from GoFundMe, as her account was removed, and the donations were refunded to the donors.

The Harris County District Office has issued Osman an arrest warrant for her.

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