A Hip Hop Story featuring Two Fayetteville Natives Premiered in Selected AMC Theaters, Nationwide

A Hip Hop Story is the latest film starring Fayetteville native Affion Crockett, which made its theatrical debut in select theaters on Friday, February 23rd. Crockett, known for his Wild N’ Out appearances and prominent movie features (Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins, The Wedding Ringer, Soul Men), also worked behind the scenes as the writer and producer of the film. Comedian Damaine Radcliff served as the director and featured actor of the newly released movie.

Crockett plays Roscoe Simmons in an independent comedy film, which examines the state of crisis in current hip-hop through a comedic lens, taking the audience on a hip-hop culture journey. The film parodies hip-hop icons such as Jay-Z, Salt-N-Pepa, Diddy, Russell Simmons, Biggie, Eminem, and Kanye West, to name a few.
Other big-name comedians and entertainers, such as Cedric the Entertainer, Wayne Brady, Lil Rel Howery, Damien Wayans, Lil Mama, Norm Nixon Jr., and John Ollie Nelson, are also featured in the film.

A Hip Hop Story Trailer, Affion Crockett/YouTube

The film received overwhelming love and support from moviegoers who saw it, especially from Fayetteville State’s Broncos. Crockett and comedian Danny Ragland, who also made a cameo appearance in the movie, shared pictures on their Instagram stories of fans attending the premiere.

Ragland was at Fayetteville State University Night at AMC 15’s opening movie night and felt overwhelming love from the audience as he excitedly entered the theater room. He uploaded a video on his Instagram page, receiving a round of applause from the crowd of moviegoers, greeting the crowd with a chanting, “Can I Get an Attitude Check?” his alma mater chant, with the crowd responding, “Bronco Pride.”

Comedians, Danny Ragland and Affion Crocket, attends the 32 Annual Pan African Film and Art Festival Opening Movie Premiere of “A Hip Hop Story”, February 7, 2024. Photo Credit: Danny Rag/Facebook and Getty Images

Crockett has made many appearances on numerous nationally syndicated radio and talk shows and promoted the movie on Sway’s Universe, the Breakfast Club, the Joe Budden Show, the Sherri Shepherd Talk Show, and Good Morning America. During his recent appearance on Good Morning America (GMA), Crockett responded to GMA cohost Michael Strahan’s question regarding his decision to direct a film about hip-hop: “I’m a hip-hop baby man. Like me and hip hop turned 50 a day apart,” he replied.

He shared that growing up as an Army brat, hip-hop served as a means of creative escapism.

“Being the new student (moving around as an Army brat), you get bullied sometimes, and hip hop was the thing that I lashed on to—B-boying, rapping, popping—and when people started to see my talent, the bullies were like, you know what? He’s entertaining. Let’s watch him dance,” the Westover High School alum shared.

Affion Crockett on GMA discussing his new movie, A Hip Hop Story. Good Morning America/YouTube

The film is Crockett’s love letter to hip-hop and its profound significance in his life. The movie is a must-watch, providing a combination of laughter with some social commentary and history lessons on hip-hop. The moviegoers will experience those nostalgic hip-hop moments through a 50-year journey, reflecting on the value of one of the world’s most popular genres in music.

The movie is currently premiering in selected AMC theaters. Visit AMC to see if the film is playing in an AMC theater in your city or near you.

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