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Lights, Camera, Action – 100 Professional Black Men in Black Set and Ready to Launch on February 10th

Photography has a powerful influence on our culture, where images are everywhere, especially on social media, influencing our society and telling a story of what’s happening. The 100 Professional Black Women in Black photo shoot was an unforgettable experience that left Tiffany Campbell in awe.

Pictures and news articles from the Fayetteville Observer had social media buzzing in the Fayetteville community. She’s galvanizing the men with a replica of last month’s event, hosting the “100 Black Professional Men in Black” photo shoot this Saturday, February 10th, at Segra Stadium.

Rewinding the Camera Back to the 100 Professional Black Women in Black Photo Shoot

Campbell came up with the photo shoot idea after attending a community networking event hosted by the Fayetteville Observer. “I woke up the next day and decided to drop the flyer on the Internet,” Campbell stated.

Photographer, Tiffany Campbell ; Courtesy of Facebook/Tiffany Campbell

Campbell wanted to start the first quarter of the New Year strong. She solidified a date for the photo shoot and, to her surprise, received an overwhelming number of responses to the flyer.

The Lillington native felt a beautiful synergy and love at the photo shoot, admiring women’s confidence from all walks of life coming together as one.

“People enjoyed each other’s company… At one point, I told them, Hey, let’s go old school, where you have to talk to somebody you didn’t come with,” Campbell shared. “I was going to give them a couple minutes to chat, but it (meet and greet) was so overwhelming that so many people kept talking that it was kind of hard for me to find the time to cut it off. Because everybody was getting along so well. I kindly brought it to a close to keep the schedule going.”

The photoshoot in front of the Market House symbolizes how far black women have come in society, from her forefathers being sold as enslaved people at the Market House to professional women making their mark in the community.

Campbell shared that the vibe continued further as the women’s positive connection extended to the some of the women going out for dinner afterward and gathering to attend last month’s Martin Luther King Jr. parade in downtown Fayetteville. She also created a Facebook group page, which jumped to over 1,000 followers.

Anticipated Upload of the 100 Professional Black Men in Black Photo Shoot

The community eagerly anticipates the “100 Professional Black Men in Black” photo shoot. Campbell shared that the men who supported last month’s transformative event are more eager than ever to get the ball rolling.

“They felt empowered! They felt the love! They felt everything that we gave off (referring to last month’s event), and they want to do it (men photo shoot),”

Tiffany Campbell

The community is more ready than ever to see the same translated energy with the gentlemen. Tomorrow’s event will also have a symbolic representation to commemorate Black History Month, displaying powerful black men in the community.

Keep the Camera Rolling

Campbell shared that she eagerly plans to get the momentum going as she’s expanded her connections in photography in places like High Point, Charlotte, Georgia, and Florida. Additionally, she will soon host a “It’s a Family Affair” Sneaker Ball on Saturday, March 2, 2024, at Segra Stadium and a gun violence prevention event in the summer of this year.

Some of the women from the 100 Professional Black Women in Black participation in the 2024 MLK Parade, January 15, 2024; Photo Credit: Royal Soleil [1st/2nd Photo] and Sara Ballard [3rd Photo]

Campbell was recently nominated and selected to receive the 2024 Individual Fayetteville-Cumberland County Human Relations Community Recognition Award for her contributions in the community. She is humble and happy to be an inspiration in the community through her exceptional talent. She shared that she’s the type that usually doesn’t like being in front of the cameras, preferring to be in the background, but is glad to be the face of this event.

Campbell captured the beauty and essence of black professionals that will hold special memories in the community, remembering the magic of “black community essence.”

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