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The Gridiron Heart and Sleeves of SPGBK Watches

SPGBK Watches is experiencing heightened success with its watch brand. The brand even reached talk show queen and A-list celebrity Oprah Winfrey, showing love to the black-owned business by featuring the watch brand in her 2023 Oprah collection. It gets better than that if the TV icon shows love and offers free marketing. If Oprah shows you love, you know you’re doing something right.

Each collective brand is improving, as this successful black-owned business recently released its North Carolina A&T State University Collection Watch in dedication to the founders’ Maurice Davis and Kwame Molden alma mater on the school’s Founder’s Day on March 9th.

SPGBK Watches Newest HBCU Collection “North Carolina A&T State University”; Photo Credit: SPGBK Watches

Behind every success is a beginning story—a story of the company’s gridiron that led to its success. Co-founder Molden shared the company’s gridiron story along with key takeaways to grow your business with Fayetteville State University students, faculty, and guests during the school’s Enriching the Next Generation Through Mentorship, Coaching, Leadership, and Entrepreneurship event, which was held on February 16th.

Molden used the quotation “You have to be the King of Harlem before you can be the King of New York” as inspiration for the following content in his presentation for the well-known watch company. He shared that aspiring entrepreneurs must start now while leveraging their network, invest in content posting three to four times a day across all platforms, capture data and internal lists, ensure market position before launch, grow small by executing small releases, capture feedback, improve, and repeat.

Cofounder, Kwame Molden, speaking to guest during the Enriching the Next Generation Through Mentorship, Coaching, Leadership, and Entrepreneurship event; Photo Credit: Tracey Morrison/The Exclusive Press

Bolden also highlighted the importance of effective marketing strategies to grow your business. SPGBK Watches took a creative approach when entering the market, such as teasing followers on the watch release before launch, partnering with influencers within the existing network, developing a formal press release and distributing it amongst existing media contacts to announce the release, targeting customers through creative content marketing, and scheduling in-person events and pop-ups to drive additional sales.

SPGBK’s fruit of labor directly reflects the founders’ determination to keep going like the little engine that could. Molden, for instance, shared that he worked a full-time corporate job while growing the business. He told the Exclusive Press (EP) of moments in which he was up until 2 a.m. working on the company and sending out 30 emails a day without a response. 

Some of SPGBK Watches Variety Collections; Photo Credit: SPGBK Watches

To him, consistency was the key ingredient behind his motivation, keeping him moving while maintaining his full-time corporate job. Molden understood that not everyone would cheer him on. He got past the idea that not everyone would clap for him. 

Molden told the Exclusive during the event, “When I started, I didn’t get a lot of handclaps or applause during those time periods. He didn’t receive much of the you’re doing a “good job” from those he thought he would receive them from. “For me, I always say chase results; don’t chase the claps,” he continued.

The two business duos had a driven focus not to give up. The two business partners and best friends were each other’s cheer coaches when they started the business in the early 2010s. 

As they consistently grew the business with the “keep going” mentality, the watch brand grew and gained popularity. The company, which has a large social media following, enjoys its presence, giving viewers an aesthetic of its assorted colorful watches. Fans of the watch brand are seen flaunting the SPGBK watch brand collection, showing off the unique assortment and colors of the watches, which causes others to gain interest in purchasing the watch. 

“I post three times a day on Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, and YouTube. Collectively, we have a constant engine about what’s going on—not only to promote but because the algorithm is not friendly to us where people don’t see the [product],” he shared. “Post as much as possible. Don’t be shy. Don’t worry about the haters. Don’t worry about people thinking, ” Oh, they post a lot. “You’re trying to grow your business,” he shared with the crowd about growing their social media platform.

SPGBK’s growing popularity on social media eventually resulted in retailers reaching out to the company. The watches are available nationwide in over 200 retail stores (Macy’s, Nordstrom, and Belk). “I’ve never really had to pitch my company to any retailer. They just hit me up and said we wanted to bring [SPGBK Watches] on. So that’s the benefit of building a community,” Molden stated.

Consistency was reaping benefits, which resulted in co-founder Molden leaving his job in corporate America to focus entirely on the business full-time. 

SPGBK will always remember its roots, as the company’s groundbreaking story behind its watch brand is Fayetteville. Fayetteville is the heart and soul of SPGBK watches. Everything about the watches tells a story about the founders’ hometown neighborhoods and local schools and the color and uniqueness associated with them. The reputation of the watches now extends beyond the community, creating uniqueness and color representation of HBCUs, surrounding communities like the “Hoke County Peppermint” Watch, sororities, special occasions and holidays, and even attracting its targeted market personal style and taste.

In addition to sharing a wealth of knowledge on the SPGBK gridiron story, Molden gave guests free watches (representing Fayetteville State University colors). He hopes his story inspires entrepreneurs and those already in the game trying to reach success to keep pushing until something happens.

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