The news of the Buffalo Bills’ safety, Damar Hamlin, going into cardiac arrest on the field, shocked the sports world. Hamlin collapsed on the field during a televised Monday Night Football game on January 2nd against the Cincinnati Bengals. Shortly after he stood up from making a tackle, Hamlin collapsed on the ground.

The incident concerned many players and fans as the 24-year-old Pittsburgh, PA, native lay on the field for a prolonged time while treated by medical professionals. Some of the Bills players were seen on the sideline crying, consoling each other, and huddled in prayer for Hamlin. He had to be resuscitated and carted off the field by paramedics. The NFL postponed the game.

Photo of Damar Hamlin,
Photo Credit: D.HAM3 Instagram Page


Hamlin going into cardiac arrest on the field was one of the scariest moments in all sports history. It was a moment we laid our love for the game and sports rivalry nature to the side to come in solitary in human love for another human being.

Hamlin’s situation touched many in the sports community. NFL teams united on social media to pay tribute to Hamlin. Patrick Moran, the host of Talking Buffalo, tweeted, “Say you want but for me, the respect the other 31 teams in the NFL have shown for Damar Hamlin today, from unifying Twitter avatars to lighting their stadium red and blue is among the coolest things I’ve ever seen in sports, ever.” The US Congress, January 3rd meeting, acknowledged Hamlin in their opening prayer. ESPN Analyst, Dan Orlovsky, took a moment to pray for Hamlin on live TV.

Bills coach, Sean McDermott, kneels as Damar Hamlin receives medical attention.
Photo Credit: Kareem Elgazzar, The Enquirer


People all over also showed their generosity by donating to Hamlin’s nonprofit organization, Chasing Millions Foundation. His Toy Drive fundraiser was initially created in 2020, with a goal of $2500 in contribution. The donations grew to approximately $8 million on GoFundMe as of Thursday evening, including contributions from Russell Wilson, Singer Ciara, Matthew Stafford, Shannon Sharpe, and Tom Brady. Hamlin is seen highlighting the success of the foundation’s 3rd Annual Toy Drive on his Instagram page on Christmas Day.

According to the Cold Wire, over 150 Bills fans held a vigil on January 3rd to pray for Hamlin’s health and well-being outside the Buffalo Bills stadium.

Hamlin remains in critical condition at the University of Cincinnati hospital. According to a CNN report released on January 5th, Hamlin shows signs of improvement while still in ICU in critical condition.

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