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Welcoming 2023 in Style: Fayetteville’s New Year Celebration

Many gathered in downtown Fayetteville as the city welcomed the New Year in style. In celebration of the New Year, the guests were treated to a phenomenal performance. Entertainment! Free live performance! Fireworks! Cool Spring Downtown District bought a circus-life entertainment theme with magicians, aerial artists, magicians, and an Immersive Art Tent, including the Night Circus.

Tony! Toni! Tone! live performance at Festival Park

Tony! Toni! Tone! brought the house down with their spectacular performance.  Local city officials stood on stage as they counted down the New Year with the crowd. Colorful Confetti bursting out of the confetti cannon, blasting through the crowd. The night ended with the crowd dancing to the music from the DJ.

Confetti flying on stage as Tony! Toni! Tone! performs to the crowd

Cool Spring Downtown District did it again, hosting its 2nd New Year Celebration in downtown Fayetteville. The performance was unlike anything else I’ve ever seen in downtown Fayetteville.

As the celebration enters its second year, it’s getting better. Can’t wait to see what the end-of-the-year festival will bring for December 31, 2023.

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