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We’re a few days into Spring Forward. Spring Lake went into a great start the day after spring forward – moving things in a positive direction. Some great things are happening in the small municipality in the heart of Cumberland County. The town recently hired a permanent town manager, Jonathan N. Rorie, after three years of searching. According to the Town of Spring Lake agenda, the former Camden, SC, City Manager will start on May 1st.

Jason Williams, Joe Durham, and Samantha Wullenwaber served as interim town managers before they hired the Moore County, NC, native as the permanent town manager.

By unanimously approving Patrick Morrison, a local business owner,’s proposal to support the Priddy House, the town is preserving its history. Arthur Esto Priddy and his family previously owned the house at 103 Main Street. Priddy is credited with naming the town Spring Lake. The Priddy House not only emphasizes the symbolic heritage of Spring Lake but is also a significant asset in the city, recognizing the cultural significance the Priddy had for the town.

The town has also seen a growth in restaurants coming to Spring Lake, from Dunkin Donuts to Seven Brew. The town looks to continue that momentum with its proposed plan to bring a Starbucks to the Main Street vicinity. Economic growth is the cornerstone of spurring revenue, boosting jobs, and attracting visitors. Bringing Starbucks will be huge for the town, as the Seattle-based coffee chain will hopefully spark a domino chain to attract more businesses and increase liveliness along the Main Street stripe.

While the town is preparing for change, the board also ensures their service members are treated fairly. The board prides itself on its staff’s hard work, as it unanimously approved an increase in salaries for the police and fire departments. This effort is to retain employees and attract more police officers and firefighters to work for Spring Lake.

Mayor Kia Anthony added that the town was starting a salary increase with the police and fire departments to help with retention. Spring Lake’s administration team also conduct the pay study to address competitive salaries for all town employees.

Spring Lake jump-start is Spring forwarding the town in the right direction for continued growth. Spring Lake continues to thrive on things that will benefit the future of the town, businesses, and future.

Board of Alderman meetings are held on the second and forth Mondays of each month at 6 p.m. to stay abreast of the town old business and new business. Minutes and agenda items are also found on the Town of Spring Lake website.

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