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Carolina Panthers fire Head Coach, Frank Reich, after Sunday’s loss to the Titans

The Carolina Panthers released a statement today, firing their head coach, Frank Reich, in the middle of the season. The firing comes after Sunday’s loss to the Tennessee Titans. Since Reich took over as head coach, the Panthers loss ten games. Their only win so far was against the Houston Texans.

Carolina Panthers statement of Coach Reich release; Photo Credit: Carolina Panthers instagram page

Young’s expressed frustration after a failed game call when the game was on the line.

JPA Football tweeted the following:
“4th and 6 with the game on the line, and you run a screen pass 5 years behind the line of scrimmage…
That’s just absurd to me.”

JPA Football – Twitter

Former Cowboys star Dez Bryant retweeted a tweet from JPA Football with a quote:
“I know this ain’t real

Bryce Young, I promise it’s not your fault.”

Dez Bryant – Twitter

Panthers journalist Sheena Quick tweeted the following after the 10-17 loss:
“A very pissed-off David Tepper just left the locker room. He was shaking his head and yelled, “F-ck!”

Sheena Quick – Twitter

The team released no announcements on who will become the interim head coach.

Frustrated Young after failed game plan; Photo Credit: Courtesy of JPA Football

The season was high hopes for the Panthers, but it became a disaster. To make matters worse, they will not have the top first-round pick in next year’s draft as they traded their 2023 #9 pick and star Wide Receiver, DJ Moore, to the Bears to grab Bryce Young at #1. If things worsen for the Panthers, the Bears will receive the #1 pick in next year’s draft via Carolina Panthers.

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