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The Best Present Ever – The Mo You Know Heartfelt Community Presence

Christmas, the season of giving, is closely approaching. This time of the year is filled with immense joy. The special part of this time of the year is receiving gifts. Fayetteville’s own Shadonna “Mo” McPhaul embodies the best present ever. She’s a giver at heart, bringing joy to her community.

She shared with the Exclusive Press her mission to increase community public awareness. She is visible at many community events and businesses, highlighting resources and the community in a positive light. McPhaul’s bubbly, heart-felt, and fun-loving personality transcends among those she encountered, giving people and businesses deserved recognition.

The columnist had an opportunity to interview McPhaul to learn more about her entrepreneurship journey, love for the community, the reason for giving, and much more.


McPhaul returned to her beloved hometown after serving 20 years in the Air Force, transitioning her career as Founder and CEO of Mo’s Heroes Inc. According to her website, Mo’s Heroes supports veterans, service members, and their families needed to achieve their personal and professional goals.

When she started Mo’s Heroes, it was about makeovers. “The homeless tend to be overlooked. We must realize they’re human too. I wanted to help and make them feel good about themselves. Once you have that confidence, you can do all the things you want to do,” she stated.

McPhaul also partnered with Cumberland County Career Center to assist her clientele with employment. She believes employment is the key to transitioning out of homelessness.

“Veterans having sustainable income is the key core of paying rent and maintaining a living,” McPhaul shared.

Although the program provided a meaningful purpose, her idea didn’t receive the warmest response. She went to Fayetteville Technical Community College’s Business Department for guidance. The Mo You Know was born after receiving advice from Jake Huber, who works at Lumbee Bank.

“He advises me to use my marketing and media knowledge to promote other businesses and nonprofit organizations,” she shared. There, she birth the Mo You Know.


The Mo You Know Marketing and Media Consulting Services, LLC took off for McPhaul, reaching ground heights. She publicizes entrepreneurs and businesses, giving them media and social media exposure.

She credits her groundbreaking moment to her dear friend and client, Marcus Doss (renown hair stylist). McPhaul had previously worked with Doss after selling an ad when she worked at the Fayetteville Press. She admires his determined and ambitious mindset.

Shadonna posing with Marcus Doss (Celebrity Hairstylist/Salon Owner) and Terrell Allison (Hairstylist/Makeup Artist); Courtesy of Shadonna McPhaul

She also works with Tonya McNeill, owner of the Stadium Event Center, and Jerome Scott, owner of the Insurance Guy, with whom she had prior encounters through Beasley Broadcast and the Fayetteville Chambers.


In addition, she hosts her radio show, The Mo You Know, through WIDU AM, highlighting businesses, events, and community leaders. Her radio gig on WIDU started after she became a featured guest on many shows.

Shadonna McPhaul and her tag along, Jerome Scott (The Insurance Guy), posing with her radio guest, Fayetteville Chapter of Jack and Jill of America Program Director Ebone Williams and President, Daralyn Bryant; Photo Credit: Courtesy of ShaDonna McPhaul

McPhaul started in public affairs as an E4 in the Air Force, leading to her working in media and community relations. On her radio show, she provides the exclusive – interviewing her guests and going to that place of business and event to highlight them in action. She also had her show, The Mo You Know, on ESPN Fayetteville 100.1 FM and 1230 AM.


She believes it’s a lot of worth in the community. She believes in lifting each other up, and community flourishment.

Her passion for highlighting community treasures has led her to work on new initiatives with the NC A&T Alumni Association and EE Smith Sports Hall of Fame, to name a few. Her most recent initiative is with the restaurant industry – partnering with Chick-fil-A in Hope Mills to provide media exposure.

EE Smith Sports Hall of Fame; Photo Credit: Courtesy of Shadonna McPhaul

She discussed the significance of supporting small local restaurants with visibility to increase their lifespan and solidify community involvement.

“We just had 12 plus restaurants closed. My thoughts were if we would have given them the support while they were open then maybe they wouldn’t have closed,” McPhaul stated.


McPhaul is from a community surrounded by tender, loving, care. She shared that she didn’t grow up rich but was taken care of by her parents, grandparents, and aunts, which provided her with an abundance of fulfilled needs.

“It was a real community. We pulled together. I was surrounded by cousins, going to the neighbor’s house to borrow sugar or ketchup. Somehow, we steer away from that”

“My granny had a lot of brothers and sisters. They would go fishing, hunting, pick vegetables, and bring everything together to the family”

Shadonna McPhaul

Her family roots motivate her to unite, join forces, and leverage resources to stock and replenish the community. Her more than enough life experience made her realize that much community work is needed to lift each other and end this have and have-not in the community.


She’s still working with her clients – The Stadium Event, The Insurance Guy, Marcus Doss Salon, EE Smith Sports Hall of Fame, and North Carolina A&T State University Alumni Association, to name a few. She has a leadership conference on December 2nd. She is partnering with NC Works and Day Resource Center for a job fair at the Stadium Event in January 2024.

***Photo Credit: Facebook – Shadonna McPhaul***

McPhaul now has a TV show, The Mo You Know, airing through Deep Freeze Productions. Her show will soon air on Onstage Plus, available on Apple TV, Android TV, Fire TV, Roku, Android App, iOS App, Chromecast, and Apple Airplay.


Highlighting businesses and the good works in the community means everything to McPhaul. Her giving nature to provide top-tier customer service is an instinct for McPhaul that derived from her family roots and her hay days as a waitress. “I want my clients to have more than enough,” she shared.

She’s a gift to her hometown, small businesses, and entrepreneurs. McPhaul is the gift that keeps on giving, ensuring her clients and the community receive an overflow of abundance. She believes the more we know what’s happening in the community, the more we will have in general. The better we will be in this life once we have attainable information and resources. The Mo We Know; The Mo We Grow.

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