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Reelected Officials Took Oath During Spring Lake’s Inauguration Ceremony

“As I stand here tonight, my heart is overflowing with gratitude, hope, and a bright vision for our future. I’m deeply grateful to be entrusted once again with the privilege to serve as mayor,” Mayor Kia Anthony said, reflecting on her journey in the past two years.

Anthony was sworn in for her second term as mayor of Spring Lake. She acknowledges the citizens of Spring Lake for their steadfast support and shared belief in the town’s vision, which has been the cornerstone of the community, stating that “they are the soul of the town”.

Other board of aldermen, Robyn Chadwick, Sonia Cooper (newly elected mayor pro tem), Marvin Lackman, Raul Palacios, and Adrian Jones Thompson, are also back together again, as they officially took oath on Monday, December 11th, at the Spring Lake Recreation Center. The leaders are more eager than ever to keep the Spring Lake momentum going.

Official meeting in session. ? Tracey Morrison/The Exclusive Press

Just after taking oath two years ago, the board, predominately new leaders was up for a big challenge, which almost cost the town its charter. The state, through the Local Government Commission, took control of town finances in October 2021 due to financial mismanagement and fraud that occurred prior to the majority of her team’s term.

“We thought we knew everything. We get in, and here we are two years later, and we just now feel that we have our training wheels taken off. So it’s a lot of work we put in, but it’s been a pleasure working with you guys (board of aldermen),” Palacios stated to the assembled crowd.

Anthony thanked the dedication of the town’s leaders and qualified staff for helping the city achieve fiscal stability, rectify its audit issues, and rejuvenate its fund balance.

Chadwick also highlighted the administration’s progress, stating, “What they said would take seven years only took almost two years.”

In addition to financial stability, the town attracted exceptional talent, launched housing initiatives, celebrated the opening of new businesses, and fostered renewed trust with its stakeholders. The team’s momentum is growing to bring out the jewel in this much-deserved town.

Reelected Spring Lake Board: L-R: Marvin Lackman, Robyn Chadwick, Sonia Cooper (Mayor Pro Tem), Kia Anthony (Mayor), Adrian Jones Thompson, Raul Palacios. ? Tracey Morrison/The Exclusive Press

The reelected administration is continuing with the clean slate journey, as their goal is to invest in the community’s future. The goal for the board members is to focus on youth development, stimulating economic growth, and enhancing infrastructure, housing, and public transportation.

“We will achieve new heights to achieve greatness in Spring Lake. The road ahead is filled with promise, and I am thrilled to embark on this journey with you all. Together, we will embody the new Spring Lake,” Anthony shared, bringing unity with its leaders, staff, and community for prosperity to spring forward.

Click on the following link to stay up to date on Spring Lake’s Board Meeting.

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