225 North Carolina Teachers Must Pay Back $1250 in Bonuses They Accidentally Received

The Charlotte Mecklenburg school is apologizing for accidentally giving 225 high school English teachers $1,250 bonuses which is nearly $280K, per NBC News.

NBC News reports that the Charlotte Mecklenburg school apologized for the error.

“We understand the challenges this error may have caused, and we are committed to working closely with each of the teachers impacted,” the district said. “We value the work of all CMS employees and sincerely apologize for any distress or inconvenience,”Charlotte Mecklenburg School District Official.

NBC News reported that new teachers received recruitment bonuses on January 12th to fill open posts. The compensation department wasn’t aware of the oversight until January 17th; per Fox News. The teachers  were notified of the pay error the following day; per Fox News.

The district says the money must be repaid in a lump sum from the teachers’ February check, or in increments over the next three months through deductions from their checks, according to the district officials.

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