Pharrell Williams Announces His Film, Piece By Piece, Inspired by his Life in Lego Animation

Pharrell Williams new film, Piece by Piece, inspired by his life, will be told through Lego block animation. Williams made the announcement on Friday through his Instagram page.

Academy Award winner and Tremolo Production founder Morgan Neville will direct and produce the film. Some of Neville’s notable works as a director are The Best of Enemies, 20 Feet from Stardom, Won’t You Be My Neighbor?, and Roadrunner: A Film About Anthony Bourdain. Tremolo Productions’ Caitrin Rogers will be in charge of producing the movie. Williams’s multimedia creative collective company, “i am OTHER,” consisting of himself, Mimi Valdés, and Shani Saxon, will also produce the film.

Piece by Piece film flyer, Photo Credit: Pharrell/Instagram

Focus Features is responsible for the production. Peter Kujawski, Focus Features chairman, stated the following in response to the film announcement:

“Pharrell Williams is a true trailblazer whose influence across music, art, and fashion continually reshapes global culture with an undeniable sense of joy. In partnering with the inimitable Morgan Neville and the limitless creativity of the LEGO brand, his visionary spirit comes to life in a wholly unique and uplifting way that will inspire everyone to dance, to sing, and to use their voice to build the world they want to see, brick by brick and piece by piece.”

Pharrell Williams, Music Mogul and Louis Vuitton’s Menwear Creative Director; Photo Credit: Getty Images and Julia Marino

The Virginia Beach native approached Neville with the idea five years ago of having his story told through LEGO. The music mogul, who was inspired by the Despicable Me series, aims to dive movie viewers into his creative world in an animated way with his upcoming film.

LEGO stated the following in their statement release: “Pharrell set out to tell his story in a way that would set audience’s imaginations free. Developed from his singular vision, PIECE BY PIECE defies genres and expectations to transport audiences into a Lego world where anything is possible.”

Williams is also setting waves in the fashion industry. Last year, he was named Louis Vuitton’s new Menswear Creative Director. Piece by Piece is scheduled for release on October 11, 2024.

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