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The Enclave Stress Recovery Center Opening – Rainbow after the Storm



The Enclave Stress Recovery Center opened at the Southwind Plaza in Spring Lake, NC, on January 24th. The Enclave was seven years in the making for Taneshia Kerr, Greater Sandhills Chambers President. The opening date on her birthday was commemorative for Kerr, and her twin, Asher and Achsah, was presence to witness this celebratory milestone.

For those seeking to alleviate stress and improve their mental health, the Stress Recovery Center provides a peaceful and therapeutic setting. The center features therapy suites – a Himalayan salt suite, an indoor garden, a beach room, and an open floor for co-working and group sessions. “Each suite allows you to immerse your senses. You can experience a relaxing time away, minus the road trip. Enclave members can move from suite to suite at their own pace, alone or with friends. Members can enjoy a chair massage, do yoga, use meditation to refocus, have a complimentary drink with a book, or lay back and actively do nothing,” Kerr stated. The center also offers Christian counseling, aromatherapy, mindfulness practices, art therapy, and stress management events. 

“Stress is a growing problem that affects everyone at some point, so we are thrilled to bring our unique services to Cumberland County,” stated Kerr in a Press Release. “At The Enclave, we believe that wellness is a holistic journey, and we are committed to providing quality care while helping our members achieve their best selves,” Kerr continued.

Salt Suite with Chairs (Therapeutic Room),
Photo Credit: The Enclave Stress Recovery Center

A story lies behind this excellent stress-coping facility – a story of pain, struggle, sacrifice, and triumph. Seven years ago, Kerr gave birth to micro-preemie twins. The twins were born at 14 weeks, weighed one and a half pounds, and were placed in NICU for three months. Due to their weak immune system, the twins had to stay in quarantine for two years after birth. Kerr detailed her experience in her book, Under Qualified and Overwhelmed, and as a featured guest on the Steve Harvey Show

Her life took another turn just after her life storm subsided. Kerr went through a failed marriage, moved across the country to Fayetteville, NC, raised twins as a single mother, was at imminent risk of homelessness, and worked a job she wasn’t qualified for. Instead of caving into the storm, Kerr became determined to see the rainbow. She caught a glimpse of light through her cloudy situation to get back up after being knocked down by life adversities. 

The ribbon-cutting ceremony symbolizes the official operation of her business, which resonated into realty for Kerr. According to Kerr, her name now follows the words “President and CEO” of the Enclave Stress Recovery Center.

She uses her journey and struggles to fulfill her purpose in utilizing therapeutic methods to help others decompress and navigate life stressors. “My story is inspiring, but even more powerful are the lessons I learned that could help you chart a course from where you are to where you want to be,” stated Kerr. Kerr’s journey exemplifies the proverbial quote, “When life gives you lemon, make lemonade.” 


Positive reviews of the Grand Opening Press Release

  • “It is an honor that you’re [Taneshia Kerr] able to share and pour into the community in this way,” Greater Sandhills Chamber, Executive Treasurer Nisla Love
  • “Mental health is very often overlooked so our town needs this place. I am so excited as the mayor of this community to see us growing and bringing in new businesses. I am excited to see such a need being filled with access to a safe place. To have it right here in our backyard is a reminder to stop and check-in with ourselves.” Spring Lake Mayor Kia Anthony.


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