Las Vegas Man to Appear in Court on January 8th for Attacking Judge During Sentencing

Deobra Delone Redden, the man who went viral for lunging and attacking Judge Mary Kay Holthus during his Wednesday sentencing, faces additional charges.

Redden, 30, faces 13 counts, on top of his charges, including seven new counts of battery on a judge and officers, according to the Daily Star.

After being denied probation, Redden was seen lunging at Clark County District Court Judge Mary Kay Holthus , as seen in the footage taken on Wednesday, January 3rd.

In the footage on Wednesday, January 3rd, Redden was seen lunging at the Clark County District Court Judge, after being denied probation. The defendant is shown throwing himself over the judge’s bench, grabbing her hair, and crashing an American flag onto them as she falls back from her seat against a wall. Fortunately, the judge only sustained minor injuries before Redden was restrained.

Video Footage of Clark County, NV District Court Judge attacked by Redden; The National Desk

According to, court records shows that Redden claimed he was attempting to kill Holthus and attributed his outburst to having a bad day.

“Judge has it out for me. Judge is evil,” Redden told officers after he was detained.

“I’m sorry you guys had to see that,” Redden said to another officer, reportedly asking if what he did was wrong.

Redden has a violent criminal past. His court records shows he served a year in prison in 2021 on violence charges that resulted in serious physical injury, per

Per Daily Star, Redden, who was imprisoned on $54,000 bail, declined to appear in court on January 4th following Wednesday’s charges His new court date is January 8, 2024 for the assault-related offenses.

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