Shirley, starring Regina King set to premiere on March 22nd on Netflix

Shirley starring Academy Award, Golden Globe, and four-time Emmy Award-winning actress Regina King set to premiere this Spring on Netflix. The film will also costar Lance Reddick and Terrence Howard.

The biopic is produced by Regina and Reina King of Royal Ties Productions, and written and directed by Academy Award winning filmmaker John Ridley of 12 years a slave.

Regina King stars in the biopic, Shirley, Photo Credit: Glen Wilson/Netflix

King most recently directed and executive produced One Night in Miami and starred in HBO’s Emmy Award winning  series Watchmen

The movie will chronicle the first black congresswoman’s 1972 groundbreaking run for US president, making her the first Black female to seek nomination for the presidency.  Chisolm became the first black woman to serve in US Congress in 1968.

US Congresswoman, Shirley Chisolm; Photo Credit: National Portrait Gallery

“It was always a little disheartening for Reina and I to have so many people over the years of our lives not know who Shirley Chisholm was,” King said according to Entertainment Weekly. “What she did was so pioneering. She was a true maverick and, you know, we use this term all the time, but she was a true first,” she continued.

The biopic has been 12 years in the making before it received the green light, according to Entertainment Weekly

The movie is now set and ready for its March 22nd premiere.

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