Amanda Seales Responds to Criticism After Calling Out the NAACP For Not Inviting Her to the Image Awards

Amanda Seales responds to an article written about her through Grio in response to her calling out black spaces for excluding her last month.

“Honestly, I’ve had enough,” a frustrated Seales said in response to an article written about her titled, “Amanda Seales is not a victim of anything but her own hubris” written by Grio’s journalist Monique Judge.

The article written by Judge calls out the things she had said in the past, such as attacking the mother of Tamar Rice, and you’re losing if you’re buying Nike but don’t have a passport.

This comes after she called out Black entertainment spaces, such as the NAACP, last month for not inviting her to the NAACP Image Award and supporting her via an Instagram post.

Amanda Seales Looses It Over Essence & The Grio Calling Her Out, Writer Responds: “Sh*t!”; Video Credit: Comedy Hype/YOUTUBE

The 42-year-old, who been in the industry for 30 years, took to Instagram last month, commending her fans and followers for reminding her of her success. However, she paused to inquire why that success has not translated into greater inclusion in Black spaces.

“I just want to say something, if it it wasn’t for y’all—I would really—if it wasn’t for y’all I would really think that I ain’t doing shit,” she began. “Because the industry I’m in does not recognize me. And to be clear, I’m speaking about the Black spaces in the industry I’m in ‘cause y’all know I don’t give two damns about any of these other spaces. But the Black spaces is what I’m referring to. Which is largely in part why I realize I need to shift out of this industry.”

Peeps, what’s your thoughts on Amanda Seales response?

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