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The Power Inside of Me – Women’s History Month Spotlight

The heights and depths of what women have achieved throughout history in this patriarchal society are confounding. Women are making a societal impact in the community, culturally and economically (representing the faces of the diversified workforce). Women use their political voices, versatility, and skill expertise to integrate into this male-dominated society. As a result, women are receiving recognizable respect for their accolades and strength. Therefore, I’m satisfied with women’s progression
in the forefront and background throughout critical historical periods.

I reflect on the sacrifices, strength, and courage women held during onset afflictions and life adversity for fairness and equal opportunity. The challenges faced by women served as an example to tap into my inner power. My family matriarchs groom me with love, nurture, and support in this hard-knock life. The women’s strength in keeping the family together while working in the workforce was remarkable in so many ways, causing me to be fearless in making my mark in society.

Furthermore, the natural aptitude women display with their skillset that impacted the community motivated me to dig for hidden treasures of what I could do. I was surprised by the discoveries I had hidden inside of me that were buried by my fears, insecurities, doubts, and low self-worth. How I’m viewed externally by illiberal outsiders and my existing talent is not even the pinnacle of what I can become in this world.

Women who mark their legacy, advancing on many levels culturally, economically, socially, and politically opened doors of opportunity to preserve our place in society. We changed the inferiority narrative that limited women to being seen and not heard, solely having a caretaker role, and being sexually objectified. Women continue to strive beyond those constraints. March is dedicated to remembering the women who fought tirelessly for women’s equality.

My family matriarchs, peers, and society's leading women were pivotal in pushing me to become the woman I am now. The matriarch nurtured me with love and support while giving me the blueprint to become courageous in this mean world. My peers represent that mutual bond, respect, and companionship to support each other in our endeavors. The women standing behind me in this picture represent the act of heroism in making their imprint in society. They, metaphorically, symbolize their
success and having my back along the process as I strive to make an impact on a bigger scale. Who would ever think of ladders women climbed, historically, positioning us for advanced opportunities in society? Salute to the women for their heroism!

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