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91st Top Floor Party Access to the Summit

Party access to the Summit. The Summit One Vanderbilt is one of New York City’s hottest art and cultural attractions. The Summit One Vanderbilt is located in the One Vanderbilt skyline. This cultural landmark in Midtown Manhattan is a popular feature on social media when searching for things to do in New York City. Visitors can enter the Summit through the main concourse of Grand Central Station.

The dynamic kaleidoscope and art featured inspired me to meet with this attraction. The electrifying feature was satisfactory enough to set up an in-person date for the Summit.

Even the short video presentation builds up your anticipation for the Summit. The elevator mirror panels with light features ascended my friend and me 1,401 feet to the top floor. My friend and I felt we were in a Mase and Puff Daddy (Diddy for Gen Z) and Missy Elliott’s music video as we recorded our elevator experience. You’re given a wristband, sunglasses (optional for light sensitivity purposes), and mirror protection shoe covers before your top-floor party access.

Access to the Summit Party. Silver Balloons! Prism Lights! Spectacular 3D Features! Pictures Snapping! Mirrors everywhere! The enormous multilevel kaleidoscope floor-to-ceiling mirrors, surrounded by glass windows and changing lights, gave me a unique up-and-down view of myself and other visitors from different angles.

The observatory desk, the Levitation, gave me a panoramic view of the gigantic New York City skylines. Due to the rainy weather, my iPhone didn’t capture a clear visual image of what I had seen. However, the extensive view of the NYC skylines from the observatory desk was dynamic. Standing on the top floor, viewing the NYC skylines, made me feel as if I was on top of the world.

We couldn’t get enough of the Affinity Room. This rectangular-sizeable room, filled with many shiny inflatable silver balloons, floated throughout the room. We spent much of our time in this fun room, bouncing and diving into the silver glowing balloons. Taking every picture as much as possible.

The Reflect Room is a smaller area of the Summit with an art installation called “Clouds” on the floor. Then there’s the Unity room. This room includes 3D clouds displayed on the large screen. The sensational feature of this room is seeing your face in the clouds after you scan your wristband.

The Aprés is the final level of the Summit. This space is an indoor lounge and outdoor terrace with a bar. You can order cocktails, wine, sandwiches, snacks, and non-alcoholic beverages there.

My friend and I felt like kids, living carefree in our own realm, enjoying every moment of this transformational and immersive art experience. We left the Summit Party with our minds feeling fascinated. This place is a must-see when visiting the Big Apple.

Photo Gallery of my Summit One Experience

For more information and ticket pricing, click on the following link: Summit One Vanderbilt


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