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Enrichment Camp, Hosted by Fayetteville-Based Organization, to Provide an Abundance of Life Enhancement Tools for Adolescents

The 8th annual Summer Camp for Father’s Day Weekend, organized by Let’s Make It Happen Together, Inc (LMIHT), is a must-attend for youth. This upcoming summer camp at Rockfish Camp in Parkton, NC, will unite participants for a transformative experience. The camp is open to adolescents between the ages of 10 and 17 from Friday, June 14th, starting at 8am to Sunday, June 16th, ending at 1pm.

The camp is different from your typical summer camp. The camp designs activities to impart life skills, problem-solving, conflict resolution, spiritual empowerment, and social interactions, optimizing their experience. In those three days, the camp will provide an abundance of activities designated for the youth from Cumberland County and the surrounding areas to optimize their experience. The activities aim to enhance social skills, engage in STEM projects in the natural environment, promote nutrition and wellness, engage in outdoor activities like golfing, swimming, and canoeing, teach money management skills, provide mentorship, promote spiritual empowerment, and much more.

The Youth Enrichment Camp is not just about fun and games. It’s about shaping our youth’s future. The camp also provides a unique opportunity for the youth to interact with influential local community figures and role models, who will serve as key speakers throughout the event. These figures, from college students to law enforcement, will share their personal experiences, encompassing both successes and challenges. The goal is to help the youth develop life skills through mentorship, bringing hope and inspiration, and mobilizing them on a positive path as they transition into adulthood.

Group photo of the 2017 mentoring camp for young men; Courtesy of Let’s Make It Happen Together, INC/ Facebook

CEO and Founder Swan Davis’s hosting of the event during Father’s Day weekend is monumental, as it visually represents influential male leaders in the community whose mission is to cultivate a positive environment for the youth. Davis, too, has experienced the challenges of living in a negative environment characterized by poverty, a fast-paced lifestyle, and violence during his upbringing in Newark, NJ, before relocating to the South.

According to the organization’s website, its mission is to offer positive alternatives to at-risk youth and families in our communities that will not only enhance the likelihood of high school graduation, college enrollment, gainful employment, and productive social life but also prevent poverty, hunger, crime, and a lack of social skills.

Through his quarterly enrichment camps, Davis continuously aims to assist youngsters with limited resources with life enhancement tools that will challenge and push them to become a better version of themselves. Additionally, Davis’s camps promote a safe space and outlet for open dialogue among participants.

Highlights of Let’s Make It Happen Together youth encampment; Courtesy of Swan Davis

Since its formation on December 28th, 2014, Let’s Make It Happen Together, Inc. has been significantly impacting the lives of those in need and cultivating the community through numerous successful events. LMIHT’s past successes, from organizing voter mobilization events to exposing youth to a culture outside of their environment through visits to professional sports games and recreational and educational trips, are a testament to their commitment and capability to make a difference. Davis is confident that the Youth Enrichment Camp will be another successful event in their journey of community service.

Davis deserves a special thumbs up for inspiring the youth to become the best versions of themselves, guiding them to character development, establishing values, and making better-informed life choices. The community needs role models like Davis, who strives to provide an abundance of care and love to the youth, aiming to help them become productive leaders in society.

To learn more about the Youth Enrichment Camp and remain informed about upcoming events hosted by Let’s Make It Happen Together, Inc., readers may visit

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