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OH SNAP! I Captured You!

“Tracey, hold the camera like this.” My friend’s continuous badgering, as she instructed me to hold the camera in a specific position to capture the perfect angle of the mountain’s back view at the Garden of Gods. My friend was determined by any means necessary to capture the moment. My confusion as to how she wanted me to hold the camera left my mind drain. She zealously share the scientific depth of a good angle and vitalness of background captures to get the perfect angle.

My good friend is in a love-love relationship with photography. The adaptable trait she grasp from her husband, who’s a freelance photographer. Whenever we’re at an outing, she strives to get that perfect angel. I learn a thing or two from my friend on capturing the moment. 

Why is it important to take that perfect picture? 

Photography communicates meaningful experiences. Capturing the moment preserves and highlights precious moments. In addition, capturing the moment collects information, formulates self-expression, and time castle history.

Here are my tips for Capturing the Perfect Moment. See a few of my perfect angel pictures I took on my own.

1) Lighting is Everything: Lighting is everything when taking photos. Some pictures can turn out blurry, too dark, or even too bright (if you’re snapping a picture behind a bright spot). The best way to get a good clear image is to adjust your lighting setting, make people move away from the light for a clearer image.

2) Make sure you get the whole background: Capture important background images, such as buildings, statues and monuments are vital, in telling the viewers the location.

3) Take Pictures while others are not paying attention: Posing in a picture is not the only form of self-expression. You capturing the moment of people’s action has meaning in a photo.

4) Good Camera Quality: Although a top quality photographer capture clear images, its not necessary. You don’t have to purchase a top tier camera to take good quality photos. A high digital smartphone is good enough.

5) Make sure you have nothing miscellaneous in the background: We can take a beautiful picture, but it won’t stand out if the background is a mess.

6) Hold the capture in a perfect position when taking selfies: Sometimes I notice my face as fat as it was because of how I would hold the camera when taking selfies. A tall person in the selfie group can hold the camera, or selfie sticks may help.

7) Zoom and Adjusting: This rule of thump is self explanatory. Zoom in or out to aim your focus in snapping that person, place, or thing for your photo; adjust picture, as needed, by cropping out unnecessary items and change color image to enhance your picture.

8) Center staging important content: Placing objects, buildings, places, or people in the center will focus the viewers attention on the important picture content. Photographers center stage the important picture content by blurring out the rest of the background.

9) Take multiple pictures: There will be one of those photos of you looking away, eyes close, not paying attention, etc. You take multiple photos until you see the best pic out of the pictures.

Exclusive Press Readers, let me know how I did.

Read additional tips from on other tips in taking the perfect angel.

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