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Fayetteville Popular Hairstylist Three Day Exotic Hair Odyssey Set to Debut on Sept. 22th-Sept.24th

Innovator! Artistic! Perfectionist! Those three words flashed on the television screen in the waiting area at Marcus Doss Salon. Fayetteville’s well-known hairstylist, Marcus Doss, is putting those three words into action with his Exotic Hair Odyssey 2023 Extravaganza! Ball, Expo, and Hair Show, from September 22nd, 2023, to September 24th, 2023.

Doss has been in the hair industry for two decades. He’s known for glamourizing many crowns in the area. He also worked his magic on the crowns of actress Tamela Jones, Kimbella Vanderhee (Rapper Juelz Santana’s wife), 90s R&B singer Gina Thompson, and gospel singers Kim Burrell and Leandra Johnson, to name a few. Doss is also certified in non-surgical hair replacement and provides wig service for veterans. Throughout this Hair Odyssey, he hopes to fascinate attendees with his love for hair through art, education, and humanitarianism.

Marcus Doss Professional Shot, Photo Credit: Soupaman Photography

The three-day Exotic Hair Odyssey Weekend kicks off with the black-tie business and scholarship ball on Friday, September 22nd, from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. at Diamond Venue. This all-black formal will include business networking, a charity auction, scholarship recognition, and a special award presentation. The formal ball will also feature special appearances from local judges, elected officials, and community leaders. The following day is an education and expo extravaganza from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Methodist University. Guests will receive knowledgeable expertise from talented hair and beauty professionals in haircutting, loc care, makeup application, brows, lashes, esthetician services, wig installation, and much more. Save the best for last with the Hair Odyssey 2023 Cirque du Soleil on September 24th at 6 p.m. at Club Halo. The grand finale of the Cirque du Soleil-inspired show will be a showstopper where hair meets art and fashion.

The columnist had the opportunity to interview Doss to learn more about the innovative mindset behind this extravagant event and his love for hair.

Doss has been styling hair since the age of 10. He recalls a moment when he played in his mother’s hair while she was sleeping. “My mother woke up and rushed out of the house, leaving her style as it is, to pick up my dad from work and visit my cousin’s house afterward. My mother received compliments from my father’s coworkers and relatives, wanting to know who did her hair. Oh, Scooter (Doss’s childhood nickname) did it,” Doss stated.

He experienced a snowball effect, styling hair for students and school staff and getting booked for hair appointments for prom and graduation. Doss’s guidance counselor, Ms. Little, encouraged him to further his career as a hairstylist. As a result, he became an established hair stylist and is now CEO of Marcus Doss Salon.

It’s more than hair as he watches his customers’ faces gleam in the mirror after seeing the final touches to their crown, Doss shared with the Exclusive Press. Now, he’s taking his talent to new heights, showing another side of his talent through artistic creativity. As an INNOVATOR, he sees Fayetteville as a much-needed market for a hair show.

Doss realized he could bring that magic to Fayetteville after attending hair shows throughout the country. “After doing it before with Nicki Minaj’s hair stylist, I realized I can make it happen here when I form a team,” Doss stated.

Marcus Doss Salon Cirque Du Soleil 2023 Promo Video, Video Credit: Reel Talkk TV

As a hairstylist, much creativity flowed in his ARTISTIC mind to bring a special Las Vegas-like magic to his Grand Show Finale. He sees the talent (entertainers, models) here in Fayetteville and wants to create a platform for local talent while giving back to the community to make this event unforgettable.

Doss, who’s been doing hair shows for 12 years, shared that a lot of work is involved in putting on eye-catching hair shows behind the scenes. Doss’s PERFECTIONIST and resolute mindset is the secret to his success as a hairstylist, salon owner, and hair show event planner.

Each year, his momentum grows, as demonstrated by previous hair shows he hosted. “The Bronner Brothers started their hair show with 35 people. Now, they have 50,000 hair show attendees. I had 75–100 attendees at my first show. Now, I’m at 300–400 attendees. It will keep growing,” stated Doss.

He envisioned his hair shows drawing more crowds on a larger scale. He is more motivated than ever to showcase stunning live demonstrations and awe-inspiring shows in that capacity while revealing the art of beauty.

You don’t want to miss this exciting event. To purchase tickets, click on the highlighted link.

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