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Nature’s Own Colorado Springs is in the Air

Nature’s Own is the word used to describe Colorado Springs. Colorado’s second-largest city is a place to visit, especially for hiker lovers or travelers who want adventure. Colorado Springs is home to the United States Airforce Academy and Peterson Airforce Base. The city is also home to attractions like Pikes Peaks, the National Museum of World War II Aviation, the Olympic Training Center, and Cosmo’s Magic Theater.

My friend discovered one of the city’s popular attractions on her traveling guide, TikTok, which is the Garden of God. Our 2-hour bus ride journey to Colorado Springs from Denver was scenic. The window view of the urban and rural land valleys shadowing in the background made the scenic ride peaceful. Colorado Springs was alluring, giving me that big city with a tranquil vibe. 

The undertaking beauty of Garden of Gods was breathtaking. Everything about the Garden of Gods was a site to see, from the trail walk to the red rocks. Many visitors there were partaking in their hiking and venturesome journey of this natural landmark. My first-time rock climbing was exciting and quite daring. I climbed as far as I could until the incline was uncomfortable. My friend was a trooper, climbing a little further up the rocks. Amidst climbing the rocks, my eyes were soaked in the picturesque scenic view of nature’s beauty. The atmosphere itself looked like a lived art portrait. 

After hiking, my friend and I toured the Old Colorado City Shopping District. This commercial district, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, includes many local mom-and-pop stores. We visited the historic district’s Collectible, Plant, and Chandler Country stores. Visitors can also enjoy fine dining, coffee shop, boutiques, galleries, jewelry, antiques, cuisine, sweets, home decor, shopping, and more. According to the Shop Old Colorado City website, the district has 17 art galleries.

We strolled through the central downtown area before our departure, only to run into a Hispanic Heritage Festival. The festival included live music, Hispanic cuisine, vendors, and a car show. According to, Hispanic Latinos comprise the city’s second-largest demographic group. During our discoveries, we ran into the Colorado Springs Pioneer Museum, one of the city’s oldest museums. This free museum preserves the region’s cultural history through exhibits and archival collections.

The two-hour escape to Colorado Springs from Denver was worthwhile. Colorado Springs gives you a bustling city vibe with a rural atmospheric appeal from the natural landscape. Colorado City is a place to add to your travel list. 

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