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Southern Lux JeepHers LLC, a black women-owned business, is hosting its first major car show, Ladies First, on April 15th, 3pm-6:30pm, at the Crown Coliseum in Fayetteville, NC. The car show is the pre-opener before the city’s infamous East Coast Step Show. Diverse vehicles, including jeeps, trucks, cars, slingshots, and motorcycles, are expected to be displayed and enter the contest. The event aims to create a fun and inclusive environment where vehicle enthusiasts can come together and showcase their unique rides.

“We look forward to connecting with other car enthusiasts in our community. As a luxury Jeep club, we understand the importance of high-quality vehicles and attention to detail”, stated co-founder Lanette Kelly.

Founded in October 2022, the organization prides itself on unity and community involvement through charitable donations and volunteer work. Southern Lux JeepHers LLC participated in several community events, including a domestic violence ride, the MLK parade, scholarship donations, and veterans’ education support. The organization also supports the month of the Military Child in connection with Fort Bragg.

The organization is always looking for new opportunities to impact our community positively. “We hope it will be a successful event that brings together vehicle enthusiasts from all walks of life,” stated Kelly to the Exclusive Press. The car show slogan “Ladies First” reflects the values of Southern Lux JeepHers using their platform to impact Fayetteville and beyond positively. Much of the proceeds from the show will go back into the community to continue to serve our community”, shared Kelly.


Southern Lux JeepHers LLC is a tight-knit private Jeep club that shares a passion for Jeep Wranglers and community involvement. Members of the organization are Lanette Kelly, Aressa Burton, Ena McPherson, Kendra Mosley, Faye Baker-Powell, Anaya Gray, Kera Jackson, Erin Orr, Nathalie Burrell, Samaria Camp, Kayla Sanders, and Akisha Howard. Many of its members have connections to the military, whether through family members or their service.

The current leadership team, McPherson (President) and Jackson (Vice President) are committed to maintaining the club’s unity and community involvement mission. The members come from diverse backgrounds, with the same love for luxury Jeep vehicles. This shared experience has helped build a strong sense of camaraderie within the club.

Jeep sprinkled in snow; Courtesy of Southern Lux JeepHers



The club co-founders, Kelly and Burton, saw a need for a club that could bring women together with similar interests and backgrounds. As African American women in the military community, they understood the importance of having a support system and a place to connect with others who shared those experiences. From there, the idea for Southern Lux JeepHers LLC was born.

Southern Lux JeepHers’ mission is to create a sense of unity amongst its members while giving back to the community through donations and participation in various events.

Being an all-female, African American Jeep Wrangler club, the club hopes to inspire other women to pursue their passions and connect with like-minded individuals. “We are proud of our club and the sense of unity and community that we have built, and we look forward to continuing to make a positive impact in Fayetteville and beyond,” stated Kelly. As a club, we understand the importance of representation and visibility. The upcoming car show will further solidify their stance in the community.