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Hip Hop Museum Celebrated 50 Years of Hip Hop As a Kick-Off to New Museum

Hip Hop kicked off its celebration in honor of the 50th anniversary of hip-hop music and culture. Celebrations occurred globally, with parties, award presentations, ceremonies, media coverage, and many more.

Universal Hip Hop Museum (UHHM), located in Bronx, NY, commemorated this prestigious milestone with events such as Dance Cruise, Hip Hop Dads, book signings, Free Block Party, and Gala, leading up to the August 11th anniversary. 

New Design of the Universal Hip-Hop Museum, Photo Credit: UHHM, via Renee Foster (Director of Communications)

The museum also commemorated the anniversary of hip-hop with a soft opening. The (R)Evolution is a semi-permanent exhibition that includes artifacts, collections, and multimedia videos.

The hip-hop celebration is the kick-off as the UHHM State of the Arts museum, slated to open in 2024, accommodates the space to preserve hip-hop’s rich history and culture through more exhibits and collections. Additionally, the museum has been documenting the experience since its groundbreaking ceremony on May 20, 2021, through a collective of storytelling interviews and videos.

According to the UHHM website, the museum is currently processing over 30,000 objectives and expanding its collections to support the enriching history of hip-hop. “We’re building a museum with a unique kind of museum experience.

“We’re not building the old, traditional museum where you’re going to see a bunch of stuff on the wall and, you know, looks like old dinosaurs. My curator says, “We’re not building a mausoleum, we’re building a museum,” Rocky Bucano, Founder and Executive Director, stated during a CBS News interview.

The museum is a must-see for Hip Hop enthusiasts and tourists at the Bronx Terminal Market in time for the grand opening. The museum’s goal is to continue educating, preserving, and capturing the legacy of hip-hop culture through art, artifacts, exhibits, and multimedia displays. 

For more info on how to donate and support, visit UHHM.

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